Church Broughton Community Plan

Development & Housing Working Group

Chair: Mike Emery
Secretary: Helen Smith
Members: Pat Johnson, Stephen Jeffery

Questionnaire responses summary

Additional Housing
- Whilst 49% of respondents think that new housing would NOT benefit the community, 47% believe that some development would be of benefit
- A wide variety of types of houses are favoured, particularly 'Family & starter homes', followed by 'Retirement/easy access homes'
- A reason cited by many for the support of new housing is the need to invigorate the village by the introduction of young families
- A major concern regarding any type of development is the effect on the infrastructure including roads, traffic, drainage

Business Development
- A significant proportion of respondents would support the establishment of small businesses in the parish and there is also some support for medium businesses
- Virtually no-one supports the idea of large businesses or additional traveller sites being established