Church Broughton Community Plan

Health & Well-being Working Group

Members: Kate Gadsby, Tim Gadsby, Jane Spalton, Stuart Kent, Jill Kent, Rita Shanks, Natasha Coast-Smith

Questionnaire responses summary

Nearly 90% of respondents think that we should have a public access defibrillator in the community (Note: The Parish Council already have this on their agenda)

Around 36% of respondents expressed interest in setting up or joining a Community First Responder team in the community

A small number feel lonely or isolated at home. These come from both working & retired age groups, and equally male & female

Discounting “don’t knows”, 2/3 of respondents believe that the elderly & disabled are not well catered for. Potential areas of improvement include:
- Transport
- Support from the community
- Access, particularly wheel chairs
- Amenities, particularly a shop